Roval Terra Carbon 27.2mm Sadelstolpe

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Roval Terra Carbon 27.2mm Sadelstolpe Artikel nr: 10679

The Terra seatpost is the best choice for riding mixed terrain, gravel, or rough roads because it smooths the ride by allowing significant vertical compliance. The secret to this ride smoothing post is in the composite layup that we utilized. By utilizing composites with varying elongation characteristics at specific locations in the post, we enabled vertical compliance for comfort while retaining requisite strength for mixed terrain riding, all at a sub-200 gram weight (27.2 x 330 x 0).

- Advanced composite construction delivers ride-smoothing vertical compliance.

- Proven clamp design ensures ease of adjustment and slip-free performance.

- 18mm Vertical Compliance (20mm offset / Full Extension)

- 194 grams (27.2 x 330mm x 0)

- Available in four sizes: 27.2mm x 330mm x 0 offset, 27.2mm x 380mm x 0 offset, 27.2mm x 330mm x 20mm offset, 27.2mm x 380mm x 20mm offset

- No-Fault crash replacement policy. Lifetime warranty

- System Weight Limit: 275lbs / 125kg