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Carbon Disc 40 Clincher All carbon

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Carbon Disc 40 Clincher All carbon Artikel nr: 2518

Superheta carbonhjul för landsväg, cyclocross och gravelbikes med skivbroms. Den styva carbonfälgen är 40mm hög och helt anpassad för vanliga landsvägsdäck med slang. Fälgen är helt i carbon utan inslag av aluminium. Three spoke system ger brutal stabilitet och extra snabba hjul. Navet går att konvertera för att passa moderna kassetter som Shimano/Sram 10-11 speed, Sram XD och Campagnolo 10-11 speed. Platta bladekrar för bättre aerodynamik. Alla American Classic hjul har mycket väl utvecklad teknologi i både fälg och nav. Kvaliteten är mycket bra både i avseende hållbarhet såväl som en grym prestanda. Alla American Classic hjul levererar bästa tänkbara åkupplevelse i resp prisgrupp och är alltid klokt konstruerade för en god servicebarhet. Hjulen levereras med Body för Shimano/Sram 11-speed. Distansring medföljer för bruk av 10-del kassett. Önskar du body för Campagnolo eller Sram XD 11/12 speed, kontakta vår kundtjänst. Naven har vanliga axlar med snabbkopplingar, dessa är inkluderade i priset. Om du önskar konvertera naven för genomgående axel, kontakta vår kundtjänst. Du kan se vilka axelsystem det går att ändra till i den tekniska specifikationen nedan under "Nav/Inbyggnadsmått"

Användningsområde: Road | Gravel | Cyclocross

Fälgar: Carbon 40mm All Carbon Clincher Rims 700c

Ekrar: AC Bladed Spokes Black | AC Aluminum Spoke Nipples Silver | 24h 2-Cross Front and Rear

Vikt:FRONT 728g | REAR 828g | PAIR 1556g  

Nav/Inbyggnadsmått: FRONT Disc 130 Center Lock 100mm | 9mm Thru Axle Disc 100mm | 12mm Thru Axle Disc 100mm | 15mm Thru Axle Disc 100mm | REAR Disc 225 Center Lock 135mm | 10mm x 135mm Thru Axle Disc | 12mm x 142mm Thru Axle Disc

Bodysystem: Shimano/SRAM 10/11 or Campagnolo 10/11 or Sram XD

Infästning för bromsskiva: Center Lock with 6 Bolt Adapter Kit

Utseende/Färg: AC Black with Gray Hubs

Snabbkopplingar: American Classic Cromoly QR’s

Information från tillverkaren (på engelska)

Wide Rims Improve Cycling Performance

Everybody is talking about wider rims for both road and mountain bike. What does it really mean for you, the rider? There are a few wide rim profiles on the market but they are either heavy, or too light and flexy. Bill Shook used his mathematical abilities to design our revolutionary wide rims, attaining the goal of being light, stiff, strong, aerodynamic and wide, all in one rim. To start, wide rims mean riding lighter, smaller performance tires with cushiony, high air volume and firm surface grip. Larger width tires offer more air volume but they are heavy with a sluggish ride quality. The desired combined wheel and tire qualities are achieved by stretching out the smaller tire casing on a wide rim and effectively making the tire bigger. Also, smaller tires on wide rims reduce tire roll on the rims. With a narrow rim and a wide tire, the rim floats from side to side on the tire. Using a wider rim with a smaller tire minimizes float for improved handling, confidence and control. The rim is lower weight at the extreme outer edge of the wheel decreasing rolling resistance and boosting speed. Our wider, lighter rims translate into crisp accelerations, firm ground control, faster rolling on the flats and decisive handling for the extra edge needed by competitive athletes.

What is Unique About Series 3 Carbon?

Carbon fiber is composed of extremely thin, bonded fiber made of carbon atoms. Thousands of carbon fibers are bundled together into cloth-like sheets. The sheets are combined with plastic resin. The sheets are placed into a mold with the fibers oriented in specific directions to create the desired characteristics of strength, stiffness or flexibility for the completed rim. Carbon fiber is used in wheels because of the high strength-to-weight ratio, low weight and the ability to mold the sheets into aerodynamic shapes. The subject of intense study in cycling, aerodynamics is the air flow over and around your wheels, bike and body as you ride. The goal of aerodynamics is to reduce the wind resistance called drag on your equipment, so the rider slices through the air and goes faster. At slow speeds, there is smooth air flow called laminar flow. As speed increases, the laminar flow turns to turbulent flow. There is a “sweet spot,” the point of reduced drag, when the air begins to tumble over and across the wheel surfaces in turbulent flow. The key to top carbon fiber wheel design is to produce rim shapes that optimize, capture and maintain the aerodynamic sweet spot for each rim depth. Bill Shook started the engineering process on our carbon fiber rims from the inside, dictating the direction and lay up of the fibers to form stronger internal spoke beds for structural integrity and stiffness. He then moved to the outside of each wheel, designing unique features for aerodynamic performance to achieve the “sweet spot”. Bill designed a gentle curved shape down to the spoke bed to minimizing drag by bringing the air flow back together without turbulence.

The three group spoke system.

Bill Shook obsessively engineers every wheel system to its optimal “sweet spot”, the balance of spoke tension, hub flange width, spoke angle and selection of the appropriate materials. After years of research and development, Bill Shook designed the American Classic three group spoke lacing for our 24 spoke rear wheel systems to build the strongest, stiffest and lightest road rear wheels in our line. We call this advanced system Series 3 for our 420 Aero 3, Magnesium, Road Tubeless, Aluminum Tubular and Carbon wheels. These good looking, hand built three group spoke wheels are at the forefront of performance, aerodynamics, comfort and durability. The concept behind this lacing pattern is to create equal spoke tension for the drive and non-drive sides of the rear wheel, a state that cannot be reached in traditionally spoked wheels. Mathematically, this unique balance of spoke tension occurs on 24 spoked rear wheels. To achieve this balance, the rims are drilled in groups of three spoke holes. The spokes are laced to our finely crafted American Classic high-low 24 spoke hub, two on the drive side of the wheel to one on the non-drive side. The result is more spokes on the drive side where the wheel needs to be strongest, and fewer spokes on the non-drive side. Bill Shook calculated the optimal position for the non-drive side hub flange to create the ideal bracing angle of the non-drive side spokes. “The three group spoke design is a better use of materials achieving the balanced use of the spokes with equal spoke tension on both sides of the rear wheel,”says Shook. The wheels are stiff and light to decisively dive into corners and power out, accelerate repeatedly, climb and descend with ease and hold speed on the flats. There are no broken spokes. No flexy feeling out of the saddle. When winning is your goal, the time-tested three group spoke wheel system delivers!