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DT Swiss F535 One 27.5" Remote-ready Framgaffel

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DT Swiss F535 One 27.5" Remote-ready Framgaffel Artikel nr: 12439

Are you the type of person who on Monday morning is still daydreaming about the weekend’s ride, drifting into berms, pumping the trail and looking for the fastest line through the rockgarden? Then the F 535 ONE is the fork for you. The combination of coil and air springs and progressive travel gives you everything you could want from a fork for uncompromising riding. The more the fork compresses, the more compression damping you get, staying supple for ultimate traction and firming up to give you the mid stroke support when things get gnarly!

  • PLUSHPORT adds a new dimension - travel - to the common, entirely speed dependent, damping system. It generates the right compression damping in every stroke. With PLUSHPORT you get small bump sensitivity, mid stroke support and bottom out control.
  • COILPAIR produces real coil sensitivity in a lightweight spring system ensuring small bump sensitivity.
  • The APT (Adaptable Progression Tune) system allows the rider to adjust the progression of the air spring curve by adding or removing volume spacers in the air chamber of the fork. This enables riders to adjust their spring curve to their riding style and the trails they are riding. The beauty of the system lies in the fact that the suppleness of the fork is unaffected, regardless of the setting chosen.
  • INCONTROL damping provides three on-the-fly damping adjustments offering the perfect compression tune for every riding situation by opening and closing different channels.
  • LINEAIR is a dual-air chamber system. Through the size of the air chambers and position of the bypass, the characteristic of the spring curve is specifically tuned to meet the needs of XC riders. A low breakaway force for traction, a linear but flatter mid-stroke section that allows you to float over root carpets and an end progression to eat the big hits.
  • Hjulstorlek: 27"
  • Axelstorlek: 15x110 mm
  • Remote ready (reglage medföljer ej)
  • Fjäder: Coilpair APT
  • Dämpare: In-Control/Plushport
  • Medföljer: RWS Thru Axle, 1 volymspacer, 3 bromsslangsfästen, service kit, starnut och top cap-set
  • Vikt: från 2020 gram
  • Axeltyp: 15x110 mm
    Hjulstorlek: 27.5"
    Remote: Ja
    Slaglängd: 130 mm
    Slaglängd: 140 mm
    Slaglängd: 150 mm
    Slaglängd: 160 mm
    Styrrör: Koniskt (1-1/8" - 1.5")